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Are you ready to experience the transformative power of the Creator?

Are you looking to experience a deeper connection with God and achieve breakthroughs in your spiritual journey? Look no further! Welcome to the world of Freedom Light, where miracles happen and lives are transformed.

Spiritual Counseling

We are part of a network of ministries offering heart healing, inner healing, and deliverance for transformation. Those who contact us for prayer ministry and inner/heart healing will receive spiritual help to overcome the hurdles of life in a gentle, kind, and compassionate manner.

Dream Interpretation

We can help you understand your dreams and the messages hidden there for you. We will give you tools to help you remember your dreams and unlock metaphorical understanding. We offer dream interpretation training and practice.


We offer workshops to activate your ability to hear God, understand your dreams,  build character, and share with others in ways they can receive.


We are here to help you break free from obstacles where you have been stuck and experience the abundant life God has promised. Like a skilled guide on a treacherous journey, we will walk alongside you, providing biblical wisdom, prayers, and a safe space for healing 

Find peace, clarity and healing

Latest Writings

Thoughts and ponderings to stir your spirit, soul, mind, and heart. Reflections and insights meant to provoke you.

Spiritual Counseling

Freedom Light’s spiritual counseling sessions offers a unique and effective approach to address the spiritual needs of individuals seeking guidance and healing. Our skilled counselors integrate biblical truths and principles[…]

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Heart Healing

Heart healing sessions offer a transformative journey towards emotional freedom and deep healing. By addressing root causes of pain, trauma, and negative beliefs, this approach brings lasting change and restoration[…]

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new blog post about heart healing

Freedom Light’s method has been developed as a comprehensive approach to guide people through the process of emotionally and spiritually repairing their hearts. Our trained counselors use biblical principles and[…]

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