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 Meet Joanne

Spirit Led with Skill

Ever pressing into God, learning and growing in His Ways of Love and Healing. 
Joanne has been a follower of Jesus Christ, Yeshua for many years. Coming out of darkness and into light in a miraculous way. Founder of Freedom Light, she has been in ministry and teaching in the prophetic, healing, and dream interpretation for over 20 years. She has taught in churches, homes, and the marketplace. 

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Don’t take our word for it –

Heather S.

The Lord has worked through Joanne to connect me more deeply to His heart, to know His voice, and to live in the reality of oneness with Him.

James T

I was stuck in a cycle of addiction for years until I sought help from the prayer ministers at Freedom Light. Their prayers and guidance led me to a place of freedom and transformed my life. I am now a living testimony of the power of Christian prayer ministry.

Noemi K.

Before seeking help, I thought my marriage was over. Unsure of my life’s purpose, I was sad and confused. The Lord working through Joanne, led me to a place of freedom from trauma and hidden issues of my heart. Through healing, deliverance, and mentoring, I stand stronger today. My journey with Freedom Light has been transformative for me and I am able to assist others in their own healing paths.


Joanne is a gentle shepherd with true understanding and counsel on behalf of those to whom she ministers.