Spiritual Counseling

Igniting Hope, Transforming Lives


Healing hearts, bringing light

Spiritual counseling is a whole-person approach. Biblically based we focus on spiritual and emotional well-being by exploring underlying belief systems, values, and patterns.  Inner healing, heart healing, and coaching facilitate real change and healthy responses.  

Spiritual Counseling

Following biblical principles and being led by the Spirit can lead individuals to receive personal revelation and unlock root issues. Thus, helps in identifying and addressing vows, lies, bitter root judgments, and foundational issues that may be contributing to unhealthy patterns in one’s life. By dealing with these issues, individuals can experience freedom and break free from these patterns. 

Spiritual Coaching

Coaching, mentoring, and spiritual awakening work together to help us navigate challenges, enhance discernment, and achieve a deeper connection with God. By nurturing our spiritual relationship, we open ourselves to recognize God’s voice and wisdom. The spiritual world becomes apparent and seeing from God’s perspective results.

Heart Healing

The wounded heart, trapped within walls built by fear and anger, yearns for healing, hope, and help. Through supportive connection, we can break down the walls, allowing love and happiness to flood in. There is hope and help to embark on a transformation journey toward inner healing, hope, and help.