Igniting Hope, Transforming Lives

Workshops We Offer

Prophetic Evangelism Workshop

We help you learn how to reach others through God’s love and acceptance in innovative ways. We incorporate many of the skills of hearing God, dream interpretation, and the revelatory realm. We would be happy to come to your venue to offer an introductory workshop for both groups and individuals. Online is also available.

The Art of Hearing God

This is an introductory yet profound course that comes with instructions and practical tools to learn to hear the voice of God clearly and consistently. Learn how to distinguish God’s voice from your own, and recognize some seldom-understood ways the enemy limits your hearing.

Understanding Dreams and Visions

Developed by John Paul Jackson from more than 30 years of experience and study, it has transformed many lives. The course is filled with supernatural adventure and prophetic insight. This advanced-level course reveals in greater depth how God speaks through dreams and visions.

The Love Languages of God

Our God communicates in varied ways, and yet we may not perceive it. Even as each of us has a love language that speaks to our hearts, God knows how to reach each person. Dreams are only one of the love languages of God. Open up realms of revelatory, prophetic insight. We can help you recognize those ways, opening up avenues of understanding that are personally woven and unique.